Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Korean Beauty Box: Memebox 7th Edition Unboxing

Ok ladies, time for another Memebox unboxing! This box had a lot of full size products (4/6!), and I've loved everything I've tried so far. Lets jump right into it.

Miseenscene 2x Curl Essence

Full Size Price: $10 (150 ml)
Sample Value: $2 (30 ml)

This is the first hair product to show up in a Memebox so I was quite excited to try it out. The only other Korean hair products I've tried were Etude House ones and my experience so far have been good. I'm not exactly sure why this product is called a curl essence since that's not what is does. It's pretty much a leave-in hair treatment meant for damaged hair. A little goes a long way with this essence and I found if I used too much, my hair felt heavy and oily. With just the right amount, however, it made my hair really soft!

Leaders Insolution BIO Medi-Curing Mask-Aqua Dressing

Full Size Price: $3

I haven't used this mask yet, but the description definitely has got me intrigued! The essence for the mask is "100% coconut jelly".

Dr. G Bio RTx Mentor Cream #5 Dry Skin

Full Size Price: $35 (50 ml)
Sample Value: $14 (20 ml)

I was so disappointed that I got this cream in #5, which was meant for people with dry skin. The other 2 were #3 and #7, which were for oily or troubled skin.

a:t fox Jasoyup Black Tea Makeup Design Kit

Full Size Price: $23

Another a:t fox product. This line is so cute! The makeup kit comes with 4 eyeliners, 3 in color and 1 in black, a duo lip/cheek pencil, and nail stickers/file. The colors for my pencils were Velvet Pink, Blind Red, and Golden Khaki. The color of the duo lip/cheek pencil is so gorgeous and looks very nice on the lips. For the 3 colored eyeliners, I notice that they do smudge and fade quite fast. I think these liners would be better used as a base for eyeshadows of the same color since they are quite soft. The black liner, on the other hand, is super waterproof. After swatching it on my hand and letting it dry, I tried to rub it off and it did not budge! After the whole day of me washing my hands and showering, you could still see the liner. This is why Korean liners are my HG liners. Nothing I've tried in the US market has been able to stay on my oily lids.

Recipe by Nature Slowganic Cleanser

Full Size Price: $40

These little cleansers are the cutest things ever! Slowganic stands for slow, raw, and organic (not sure what slow is really supposed to mean). It comes in three different types on cleansers: lemon, green tea, and adlay. These little cleansers are different from other cleansers I have used. They look like little cheese balls and the texture is almost like a mixture of mousse and cottage cheese. It's very gentle on the skin and you do not need that much to cleanse your face. The cleanser does claim to remove makeup as well. Although I have not personally tested this out, I feel like the cleanser might have a difficult time removing heavy foundation/BB just because it's so gentle. I would really like to repurchase this product, but the price tag is a little steep for the amount of product you get. I guess since it claims to be raw and organic.

Catrin Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill SPF 42 PA++

Full Size Price: $38

This is a mineral powder sun protector that claims to contain 10 organic, 100% natural minerals that is supposed to be perfect for those with sensitive skin. I like the fact that the powder is chemical and oil free and can't wait to try this out.

BOX VALUE: $123.00

Did anyone else purchase the 7th box? How did you like yours?

How to get $7 to spend on your first Memebox:

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NOTE: You can only receive the referral points ONE time. If you used my referral code, you cannot get more points by using someone else's code!

FTC: This box was sent to me for review purposes. For more information on my disclaimer, please click here.

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  1. the content of this box is really nice. I like the make-up kit and the cleansers are so cute!


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