Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Achieve Bigger & Brighter Looking Eyes with Aegyo-Sal (Eye Smile)!

So you're probably wondering, what the heck is aegyo-sal and what does it do?

What is aegyo-sal?

Aegyo-sal is the Korean term for youthlites (aka love bands), the eye pouches located under the lower lash line. They are also sometimes referred to as "eye smile" and most children have it. The aegyo-sal is  associated with a muscle located under your eyes and as the eye area is quite delicate, the eye pouches can slowly disappear when one starts to age and the muscle stretches and thins out. (So, if this muscle continues to be thick enough as you age, your aegyo-sal will still be visible.)

The eye on the left has no aegyo-sal while the eye on the right does. Notice the difference?

What does aegyo-sal do?

The aegyo-sal is supposed to make you look more youthful and innocent and also allows for bigger and brighter looking eyes. A netizen actually did some photoshop on some Korean actresses that naturally have the eye pouches and you can instantly see the differences on the face when their eye pouches are removed.

Kim Tae Hee looks SO different!

How do you know if you have aegyo-sal?

Just smile! If you smile and see a little pouch under your eyes then you have it. :)

Aegyo-sal vs. Eye Bags: What's the difference?

Aegyo-sal is commonly mistaken as eye bags, but they are not. The aeygo-sal pouches are small and usually only go about half a centimeter down from your lower lash line. Eye bags on the other hand are caused when one loses fat under the eyes and also from lack of sleep. They are usually accompanied by wrinkles (for older folks) and/or discolorations. They are usually saggy, sit lower under your eyes, and just make you look dead tired.

Example of dark circles
How do you achieve the aegyo-sal?

One way is by cosmetic surgery, but you can also fake it with makeup! To learn how, watch my video below. It's also a great way to enhance your aegyo-sal if you already have them, like me. :D


  1. ahh so that's wbat they are called! Awesome post! I actually have them naturally as well. I really like it.. it does give off the effect of bigger eyes and also more young and innocent! Cool video =)

    1. Thank you! I actually didn't know what they were called either until like 2 months ago. Haha. :d

  2. Great video~ It really does make a difference!

  3. hello
    I have big ones and when I was younger I hate them because I tthought my eyes just look very big and puffy but after I've seen it considered beautiful I kind of like it, specially when I saw the picture with the actresses they looked very ordinary without them!

  4. Thanks to you, i discovered i have them naturally ~ I always tought they were eye bags 8DD
    Actually i have both of them lol

  5. I really enjoy your tutorial and reading ur blog! i actually did an aegyo sal tutorial on my youtube channel! it will mean alot if u could check it out :)

    lemme know wat u think!


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