Sunday, January 15, 2012

Missha Lipstick Swatches + Review

Hi everyone! Here is a short review and a few swatches of the Missha lipsticks that I own. I hope this helps!

(Please watch the video for the review ^^)


Products Mentioned:
The Style Creamy Matte Lip Rouge
Shades: PK02 (Dear Rose), CR01 (Fanta Dream)

M Luminous Color Lip Rouge 
Shades: BE202, CR302, CR307

The Style Crystal Shine Rouge Mixing
Shades: PK06 (Kissing Pink), OR03 (Mandarine)



  1. I like Dear Rose and Fanta Dream on you most! Gorgeous lipsticks and wonderful review.

  2. I ran into your blog from soopmi, to youtube, to here xD
    Great review!
    I love BE202! It looks so pretty and natural :D

  3. Lovely colors! Never tried Missha's lip products the way, have you ever tried their brushes? I've been hearing some mixed reviews for them.

    And I really like your new layout~ ^^

    1. I haven't. :o I was actually looking at their brushes too.
      And thank you!

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